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Why get a hotstone massage

Posted on 2 October, 2019 at 1:20 Comments comments (2)

Hot stone massage is a natural therapy in which warmed stones are positioned on parts of the client’s body of to maximize the therapeutic benefit. The stones used are typically river rocks or other very smooth-surfaced stones made of basalt. These stones are heated in sanitizing water before use.


The high iron content in basalt helps the stones retain heat during the massage. Hot stone massages are beneficial on both physical and psychological levels. [1]


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Getting a massage can improve your mental health

July 18, 2018


An abundance of research suggests that receiving a massage promotes our psychological health; the benefits are reported to extend across areas of mental health (including cognitive, emotional and social/behavioural). More specifically, massage has been found effective in alleviating the symptoms of various psychological disorders, including autism, attention-deficit/hyperactivity d...

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The importance of massage

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I am a Remedial and soft tissue sports therapist ,reiki master ,access bars practitioner ,I love being a massage therapist and I love the satisfaction of making people painfree.When they are painfree people are happy and they can do the things they want in life.Anxiety and depression are kept in control.

When people can look after themselves they feel more in control of there health.Not having to "pop pills"feels great.

The benefits of massage: 

One of the immediate ben...

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